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Adequate safety procedures may prevent workplace injuries

Construction work poses many risks and is considered dangerous work in California. With adequate safety training, appropriate safety gear and safety procedures, many workplace injuries are preventable. Failure to adhere to safety regulations can result in tragedy. Such a failure may have contributed to the tragic death of a California construction worker.

Safety awareness and training reduce risk of workplace injuries

Construction is big business in California. Whether residential or commercial, recent improvements to economic growth indicators have boosted investor confidence and this has resulted in a boom for construction. Firms are making use of apprentice programs in an attempt to keep pace with demand. While apprentices are expected to learn while on the job, it is also expected that they receive training to make them aware of all safety regulations and safety procedures that may apply. When employers fail to take the time to ensure their employees are familiar with safety regulations and policies, this can lead to unnecessary workplace injuries.

Overhead power lines can cause workplace injuries

When workers in California report to work they have a right to expect that they can conduct their jobs safely and return home at the end of the workday. In a recent incident in California, this was not the case. A company has been cited for safety violations related to an outside billboard that caused workplace injuries.

Poultry processing plants have a high rate of workplace injuries

There are many food processing companies in California and other states. Workplace injuries do occur in these plants but some of the highest injury rates occur in poultry processing plants. An employee of one such plant was getting ready for work on a poultry processing line. Machinery on the line malfunctioned and resulted in an unfortunate accident.

Prevention of housekeepers' workplace injuries now in effect

Workers in the hospitality industry in California who work as housekeepers in hotels and other accommodation facilities now have an extra layer of protection that was absent before. Because of the excessive number of victims of workplace injuries in this industry, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health revised regulations for injury prevention. The updated rules became effective on July 1.

Workplace injuries can happen due to shortcuts involving safety

Workplace accidents and injuries are a reality of life in California. Accidents happen and cannot always be prevented, that's why they're called accidents. That said, if safety rules are not followed to the letter at a worksite, tragic workplace injuries can result. Such was the case in a deadly accident in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Hotel housekeepers are more prone to workplace injuries

Summer time is a time of family vacation and fun in California. Vacation frequently means staying in a hotel. Hotel stays are a welcome part of the vacation in that part of the experience is enjoying a break from such mundane tasks as making the bed and cleaning the bathroom. The hotel staffs take care of that task not just for one family, but for all families staying in the hotel. Unfortunately, hotel housekeepers are more prone to workplace injuries than other workers in the hospitality industry.

Contract workers have a right to be safe from workplace injuries

Contract workers are becoming more common in the California workplace. They are not just working in offices but are also being used in manufacturing settings. When contract workers suffer workplace injuries, who bears the responsibility? Is it the responsibility of the contractor's employer or the location where the employee is contracted? Such is the question in a recent California case.

Are technological advances contributing to workplace injuries?

Autonomous vehicles, also known as self-driving cars, used to be a vestige of science fiction and cartoons. Remember the Jetsons? But with all the advances being made in artificial intelligence and new technologies, the prospect is becoming more real. In the race to achieve the goal of an autonomous vehicle, is employee safety in California being jeopardized? Workplace injuries at Tesla's electric car factory may be a cause for concern.

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