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Workplace accidents again put Tesla in the spotlight

Tesla has been the subject of many questions regarding accurate reporting of employee injuries. The question has cropped up again as reports of possibly artificially low numbers are being reported by Tesla's on-site health clinic. The possibility of workplace accidents being under-reported came to light in a recent article about Tesla's in-house clinic in Fremont, California.

Workplace accidents due to a lack of proper safety training

Construction workers in California face numerous risks on the job on a daily basis. Safety training and safety precautions are both used to attempt to limit the chance of an accident. If safety training is absent or inadequate, workplace accidents can be the unfortunate result.

Construction sites a risk for workplace accidents

Construction work by its very nature is a risky occupation in California. Increased safety awareness can help protect workers in a construction environment. Even with precautions and safety procedures in place, workplace accidents can still occur on construction sites. One such accident occurred near Fremont.

Workplace accidents can be deadly

Industrial work in California carries with it inherent risks as employees are working with heavy duty equipment. Using this equipment typically requires extensive safety training and skill to perform the tasks made possible by the equipment. Even with the skill and the training, employees are still at risk of a tragic workplace accidents.

Tesla again under investigation because of workplace accidents

People in California have the right to expect a safe workplace. The Tesla plant in Fremont has come under close scrutiny for safety violations that have resulted in workplace accidents. The plant has been cited multiple times in recent months and is under investigation by Cal/OSHA for potential new violations.

Tragic workplace accident leads to death in a trench collapse

Working in construction carries with it some risk in California. Still, when construction workers report for work they trust that precautions have been taken to try to ensure their safety. A worker in a concrete storm drain was the tragic victim of a recent workplace accident.

Deaths from workplace accidents are on the rise

Workers involved in construction, mining, manufacturing and other high risk occupations have the right to expect that there are adequate safety measures in place to help protect the workers from accidental injury or death in California. However, recent statistics show that the number of fatal workplace accidents has been on the rise in recent years. This reversed a long term trend of a decrease in accidental deaths in the workplace.

Construction falls and workplace accidents

Working in construction, manufacturing or mining in California can be very satisfying work. It also brings with it the risk of injury. However, people engaged in such industries would like to believe that their employers have concern for their safety and exercise certain precautions in order to protect their employees from workplace accidents.

Workplace accidents: An ounce of prevention can help

When people in any industry report to work in California they like to believe they are reporting to a safe place to work. A study released recently by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) identified 12 companies with the highest risk factors for workplace accidents.  Amazon and Tesla were both among the companies that were listed.

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