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Workers' compensation should evolve with changing economy

The world of work is ever changing. Where manufacturing and large corporations used to rule in California and around the country, entrepreneurs and the gig economy are taking over in increasing numbers. Workers' compensation came into existence as a means for providing protection and care regarding workplace injuries and illnesses.

How does workers' compensation deal with pre-existing injuries?

What happens when workers in California suffer injuries that aggravate pre-existing conditions? Are they eligible for workers' compensation benefits? Although the state-regulated insurance program was established to provide financial relief to cover medical expenses and lost wages, some exceptions exist regarding how and when the injuries were suffered. The first requirement is for the victim to be a legally employed worker.

Workers' compensation can help in the event of a fatal accident

Construction workers are exposed to certain risks as part of their jobs. Extensive safety training and other precautions can serve to reduce the chances of an accident occurring in California. Sadly, accidents still happen and are sometimes fatal. Workers' compensation exists to help with medical care and may also provide benefits in the event of accidental death.

Workers' compensation can aid in the event of a death

Construction workers in California may be aware that their work carries certain risks. Workers have a right to expect that suitable safety procedures are in place and observed at all times. Even with precautions and safeguards, tragic and fatal accidents can still happen. Workers' compensation may be able to assist in such a situation.

Workers' compensation law helps first responders

First responders risk their lives every day to protect the citizens of California. Even when first responders are far away from home, if confronted with danger, they will rush in to help. Injury can happen at any time, but this does not deter them from performing daring rescues in an attempt to save the lives of others. They have done this while out of state and not knowing if they were eligible for workers' compensation.

Manufacturer fined for no workers' compensation insurance

California labor laws exist in part to protect employers and employees from unfair and unsafe labor practices. Included in these laws are rules and regulations that govern the workplace policies for companies in the garment industry. Six California companies were recently cited and fined for labor law violations, including failure to provide workers' compensation coverage for their employees.

Restaurants must provide workers' compensation insurance coverage

A person working in a restaurant in California has a right to expect a safe work environment, but restaurant work can be dangerous. Between hot surfaces, slippery floors, sharp knives and heavy pots, there is ample opportunity for accidental injury. Restaurants are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. Sadly, not all establishments comply with this requirement.

Fraud in workers' compensation claims is costly to all

When a person takes a full-time job, there are certain benefits that go along with it. One benefit that most employers are required to provide is workers' compensation insurance. Workers' compensation in California provides benefits to the employee in the event of an injury that occurs on the job.

Workers' compensation guidelines for breast cancer survivors

Hearing a diagnosis of breast cancer is devastating to any woman. Some women unfortunately learn that the cause of their cancer is related to their jobs. To compound the problem, there have been instances where these women have had difficulties receiving their rightful workers' compensation benefits. A bill was recently approved in the California State Assembly that ensures women with work-related breast cancer receive their appropriate benefits.

Workers' compensation: Claims process not always simple

California business owners must carry insurance to cover on-the-job injuries of employees. Even those who have a single employee must have workers' compensation insurance or private insurance for that purpose. While the medical expenses and lost wages of any work-related injury are compensable, there are circumstances under which injured workers may have questions about alternative options for recovery of damages.

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